Electromagnetic Fields Measurements

EST provides services of Electromagnetic Fields measurments for both indoor and outdoor environments. The measuements are performed using a fully automatized mobile station equipped with advanced instrumentation and wide and narrow band antennas for a complete electromagnetic field measure. EST provides both for both large band measurements (on a large portion of EM spectrum) and for selective measurments ( FM radio signal, TV signal VHF-UHF, GSM/UMTS, Blootooth, Wi-Fi network link, analog signals, modulted digital signals, radar signals).

Radio planning is also guaranteed by a proprietaru software able to study the propagation of radio frequenies in urban environment, mountainous environment, and indoor environment.

Forest Fire Monitoring

EST provides for environmental monitoring services using optic multispectal sensors.
The monitoring station is equipped with a set of sensors operating in visible band, near infrared and thermal infrared band, and with a weather station. Measured data can be transfered to a control station in order to perform a real time analysis even using a satellite connection accessible by all the measurements instruments of the mobile unit.
The early identification and monitoring services for forest fires gives high performance and high reliability.

The integrated forest fire monitoring systems offers the following products:
– Previsional forest fire risk maps up to 72 hours.
– Automatic monitoring of users selected areas.
– Automatic smoke identifications.
– Automatic hot spot identifications.
– Identifications of hot spot coordinates.
– Real time photos of the area involved in the forest fire.
– Decision support management systems.
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Cooling and heating stress test in climatic chamber

EST provides for cooling and heating tests using the climatic chamber in its laboratories. The test can be usefurl to verify electronics components and electronic boards in order to test their behaviour with respect to different temperature and humidity operative ranges.

Characteristics of the climatica chamber:

– temperature range: from -10°C to 100°C (without humidity)

– temperature range: from 10°C to 90°C (with humidity)

– humidity range: from 10% to 90% RH

Design of electronic boards and prototypes realizations

Envisens Technologies designs electronic boards and realize their first prototypes.

EST has a proved experience in low costo solutions and low power techniques. It has also a good experience in multipurpose board realizations.

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