SMAT project aims to study and demonstrate an advanced monitoring system of the territory for prevention and control of a wide range of natural events (floods, fires, landslides, traffic, urban planning, pollution and cultivation).
SMAT-F1 is focused on demonstrating the use of integrated UAV platforms within a primary operative scenario, relevant to the Piedmont Region.

The SMAT-F1 project was completed in September 2011.


The project SMAT-F2 is the natural continuation of SMAT-F1.

While the aim of SMAT-F1 was to study and present a “conceptual” demonstration of a system, the SMAT-F2 will develop specific technological solutions and functionalities required by the system.
The project SMAT-F2, developed by a working group coordinated by Alenia Alermacchi, started in January 2013 and has a planned duration of 30 months.
The project SMAT-F2 is made by a large number of technological and procedural main themes. They will be properly addressed to meet the needs of the end-users:

  • Autonomy Systems UAS – Unmanned Aircraft System

Development of autonomous functionality to support the Remote Pilot. According to a well-defined logic they will allow the system to  perform specific tasks

  • Sensor & Payload Management

Development and Integration of sensors, and related management logics, thus allowing the correct execution of a defined minitoring mission

  • Data Exploitation

Development techniques to properly process the acquired data.

  • End-user Interfaces & Services

Definition of a specifi end-user interfaces for the interaction with the system SMAT

  • AirSpace Integration

Rules and procedures for the integration of UAS into the airspace.


PROTEC 2012 – SMAT-F2: interview to Salvatore Farfaglia (Alenia Aermacchi).

Nota divulgativa del progetto SMAT-F2