Piattaforma di Prodotti e Servizi per la Gestione Integrata di Contenuti Transmediali Orientata ai Beni Culturali


Innovating Contents Project (IC) consists in the design and prototyping of a system allowing the creation, distribution and transmedial fruition of rich media contents, based on 3D VR scenarios, VR objects/panorama and multimedia objects. The framework is focused on virtual cultural heritage and is meeting point between museums, artists, authors and publishers.
A web-based system allows the storage, cataloging and searching of media content, and the subsequent sharing and promotion of the generated content.
A suite of applications allows the creation of real-time 3D virtual reality scenarios and the integration of multimedia content, accessible on multiple devices (web, desktop, mobile) and in storytelling interactive, innovative and engaging mode, including the use of NUI devices such as Kinect and LeapMotion, totem and stereoscopic devices.

The project, lasted two years and recently concluded, was presented and approved by FinPiemonte and Regione Piemonte within the Polo della Creatività Digitale e Multimediale, funds 2007-2013 ROP-ERDF Innovation and PMI.
The IC partners are:

  • Envisens Technologies s.r.l.
  • Centro per la Conservazione e il restauro dei Beni Culturali “La Venaria Reale”
  • SynArea Consultants s.r.l.
  • Istituto Superiore Mario Boella

The prototypal solution, implemented within the project for demonstration purposes, was made with the suite of tools developed in the project and it has used images, templates, video and content with the object of “Peota Real” currently showed at the Reggia di Venaria.